18 years of bringing you the best products at the lowest possible price
Buy Locally, keep Rands in SA

Who we are

Fourways Imaging was established in July 2002. Fourways Imaging are importers of high quality raw materials used in the remanufacture and recycling of computer printer inkjet and laser toner cartridges.

What we sell

Toner both black and colour from LG in Korea, Royal Precision Technologies in Taiwan and Tomoegawa in Japan. OPC drums and chemically produced colour toner from Sinonar in Taiwan and various other quality products from leading manufacturers around the world.

Target Market

The company distributes these products to large, medium and small businesses throughout South Africa and its neighbouring countries. Fourways Imaging is ideally suited to assist the small entrepreneur just starting out to develop a viable business.

Let’s Grow Together

Fourways Imaging not only provides our customers with highly competitive pricing but also offers an unparalleled commitment to service excellence and assists in providing training documentation and the latest information to our clients thereby assisting them in growing their own businesses.


Fourways Imaging is aware of the need for environmental responsibility and in providing this service we are delaying the congestion of over burdened landfills that would otherwise be filled with inkjet and toner cartridges.

Buy Local. Keep the Rands in SA

Fourways Imaging being 100% South African owned company will endeavour to maintain highly competitive pricing without compromising on quality and service levels. All profits made in the normal course of business will remain in South Africa for the benefit of all South Africans.

What can we do for you ?

Our friendly Staff are always ready to assist, whether it is a technical issue or simply just a general query, contact us now.

For 18 years Fourways has been sourcing and testing the best quality raw material for laser printers from all around the world.

Deliveries can be negotiated and is dependent on how nearby you are located to the proximity of our branches. We have also negotiated with our couriers to get you the best prices in SA.

We pride ourselves in our technical support department, having over 12 years experience, establishing a support lab, and doing extensive product research.

We understand the demand on our lives in South Africa and push to bring the best quality OEM alternative products at the lowest possible price. We salute your efforts in your business.